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Carhartt is often one of the first brands that people think of when considering workwear. But are there other brands like Carhartt that provide similar comfort, quality, and durability? Well, yes, there are actually quite a few, to be honest! 

In this post, we cover brands that are similar to Carhartt in terms of price, quality, and even style. Keep reading!

What Is Carhartt?

What is Carhartt?

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American clothing firm Carhartt, Inc. was founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt and is well-known for its heavy-duty workwear, including coats, stylish bomber jackets, overalls, coveralls, vests, shirts, pants, dungarees, flame-resistant clothing, hunting apparel and work boots with safety toes. Basically, this apparel line satisfies almost every need and all types of activities.

When Carhartt was first established, it only manufactured workwear for railroad employees. However, nowadays, Carhartt clothing can be seen on work sites, including farms and ranches, building sites, and other places.

Thanks to more than a century of providing customers with the durable product they require to stay warm and complete their tasks effectively, this Detroit-based brand has been able to achieve such widespread success.

Depending on the kind, size, and category of clothing, Carhartt items vary in price, but they are often relatively affordable. The best bit is that they are available for purchase through internet merchants and big-box stores like Dick’s and Walmart. Still, they are not the only brand making quality outdoor clothing and workwear.

Having understood that, let’s dive in and look at some brands like Carhartt.

What Brands Are Like Carhartt

1. Dickies

Dickies is a great Carhartt alternative. Dickies began as a manufacturer of bib overalls in Bryan, Texas, but has since expanded to offer a full line of clothing for both work and play. And, like Carhartt, the company’s products are known for their high quality, durability, and comfort, and they are designed to last a lifetime.

Dickies Shop Mega Bangna

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The Dickies collection offers a choice of cuts and designs for different lifestyles, from traditional workwear to contemporary streetwear. Due to its dedication to quality, innovation, and style, this brand has established itself as a reputable brand in the fashion business.

2. Levi’s

Another outdoor apparel company that can be compared to Carhartt is Levi’s. It is undoubtedly the best example of an American company that began as a standard in workwear but has evolved into much more. In addition to being one of the first companies to produce workwear items, Levi’s is credited with creating two of the most enduring fashion items of all time.


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The brand’s main goal is to help its wearers feel and look their best, regardless of the situation. You may choose the ideal fit from a wide range of sizes and fits.

Like Carhartt, Levi’s offers high-quality and durable clothes, accessories, and lifestyle products to its customers. These products range from denim jeans and jean shorts, denim jackets and work jackets to warm shirts and flannel shirts that you can easily wear over hoodies.

3. Berne

Berne Apparel is widely thought to be one of the most premium brands that stand out from other workwear brands because of the quality of its clothes. This brand has been around since 1915, and it set out to produce comfortable and dependable workwear for Americans, just like Carhartt.

Berne brand for workwear and industrial clothes

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Today the brand has evolved into a company that supplies all sorts of durable apparel, and they offer tough jackets like Carhartt does. This makes them a great substitute for anyone who appreciates the dependability and high caliber of Carhartt jackets and overalls but wants a different selection in terms of costs, hues, and designs.

Although Berne and Carhartt provide a wide range of outerwear and related goods, their cotton duck jackets are undoubtedly the most well-known. These jackets may even have the greatest fit on the market, even when compared to a similar Carhartt coat.

4. Duluth Trading Company

If you are looking for a higher-end option, one of the brands like Carhartt, Duluth Trading Company is a perfect option. This classic workwear brand concentrates on producing workwear, designer clothing for both sexes, accessories, and casual wear.

Duluth Trading Company

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Similar to Carhartt, this brand sells everything from carpenter pants and work jackets to work boots and shoes, so it’s a wonderful place to go if you’re looking for a place where you can buy a full wardrobe in one location. In addition, their website is quite user-friendly and well-stocked, but if you’d rather shop in person, they also have more than 60 retail locations all around the United States.

5. The North Face

The North Face is another great Carhartt alternative for rugged outdoor clothing and gear. Now owned by VF Corporation, this brand offers a range of products from hiking clothes, and hunting gear, to fishing equipment.

North Face for tough workwear

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Quality, effectiveness, and innovation are priorities for The North Face, just like with the Carhartt brand. In all kinds of weather, their products are dependable and robust. Their designs are timeless and distinctive and place a premium on toughness. You can’t go wrong with North Face; it’s cozy, trendy, and comfortable.

6. Columbia

One of the closest competitors of Carhartt is Columbia, which is a classic sportswear brand alternative to this brand. Since its founding in 1938, Columbia has built a reputation for providing premium clothing and first-rate customer service. In order to suit the shifting needs of its customers, the corporation keeps coming up with new items.

Columbia Apparel

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With a focus on sustainability, Columbia offers a comprehensive choice of products for all activities, from cutting-edge technologies to timeless design. It makes sure that there is little environmental impact from its work clothes since all its products are made with eco-friendly materials.

7. Dri Duck

DRI-DUCK is another outdoor and work apparel company that is similar to Carhartt. In regards to work and outdoor gear, they produce durable clothing that provides comfort from the very first time you put it on.


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You can rely on this business to provide comfy clothing that you may wear everywhere, thanks to their stiff-free promise! And like Carhartt, they provide a wide variety of clothing, from traditional work coats and classic chore coats to robust, insulated winter jackets, making them a fantastic choice for anyone who works outside all day and needs strong, weatherproof clothing for their outdoor adventure.

8. Helly Hansen Outdoor Apparel

Helly Hansen for good-quality outdoor gear

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Helly Hasen is another iconic American brand similar to Carhartt. It produces durable workwear that is ideal for use at home or in any outdoor working location. They use only the best fabrics and design their jackets, pants, sweaters, and other clothing with a distinctive and fashionable appearance.

9. L.L. Bean

L. L. Bean for comfortable clothes made with durable fabrics

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If you’re searching for high-quality clothing that endures in cold weather, LL Bean makes a fantastic option for Carhartt. It provides top-notch clothing and outdoor items for the entire family, such as Chukka boots, coats, and outdoor equipment. Even better, they make their products with breathable fabrics. So, if you enjoy the outdoors or are seeking high-quality gear, this brand has something for you.

10. Timberland

Timberland for comfortable workwear

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Another example of a company that began as a workwear company but has evolved into one of the popular streetwear brands is Timberland. It is renowned for its dedication to excellence, sturdiness, and sustainability. Its offerings include anything from work boots and accessories to casual clothes and sporting clothing.

11. Cornerstone

CornerStone Work Wear

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Despite being a considerably smaller company than Carhartt and the other brands on this list, Cornerstone has a high level of quality. With a concentration on outerwear and casual clothing, this brand is a fantastic choice. If you work in the medical field, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Cornerstone because they provide attractive, highly durable scrubs and are skilled at what they do.

12. Keen Utility

 KEEN Utility workwear products

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Keen is another brand that is best known for its sturdy and comfortable work boots, but they also make a wide range of work clothes and outdoor equipment that compete with brands like Carhartt.

The brand has a passion for quality and comfort, and they provide outdoor workers and adventurers with a wide selection of tough and comfortable work boots, shoes, and sandals that can withstand the harshest outdoor circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions on Brands Like Carhartt

1. Is Carhartt A Designer?

Carhartt is not a designer; rather, it is one of the world’s most recognizable and oldest workwear companies, having been founded in 1889 in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. Consider Carhartt to be a traditional brand with a long history and widespread influence.

Its designs are inspired by rail yards, farms, and industrial workers in the United States. To name a few, they have all had an impact on underground hip-hop, street fashion, art, and skate cultures.

2. Why Is Carhartt So Popular?

Thanks to its Rugged Flex stretch technology, Carhartt is one of the most resilient apparel brands on the market. Although the company’s clothing may be a bit more expensive than other brands, it has been one of the go-to brands for the everyday, hardworking American.

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