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Can you wear a yellow tie with a black suit?

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Black suits are the most dapper piece of clothing a man can wear, they are sharp, sophisticated, and elegant.

It is an outfit meant only for the most formal events and it is supposed to be simple and that is why it is generally recommended that you don’t use bright or flashy colors with it and stick to neutral colors like black or white.

Sticking to neutral colors for shirts and ties is a good idea when you are going for a formal event but if you are going for an event where you want to stand out then you’ll have to ditch the neutral colors and go with shirts and tie with more fun colors.

Black is a color that you can pair with almost any color, you can wear your black suit with shirts or tie in colors like blue, red, purple, green, etc but you’ll have to be careful with the colors as not all shades of all colors work well in a formal outfit.

You should try adding some colors to your suit outfit especially if you are trying to dress it down, but does that mean you can use any color with your suit?

In this article, we will talk in detail about one pairing option that confuses a lot of men, a black suit and yellow tie.

can you wear a yellow tie with a black suit?

Black is probably the most versatile color it works with almost any color but when we talk about black suits you have to be careful when pairing it with bright and vibrant colors as these colors don’t go well with formal outfits.

If there is one color that you should avoid wearing with black especially with a black suit it has to be yellow.

Yellow is as bright as a color could get and it just doesn’t work with formal outfits which are supposed to be sophisticated.

You can wear a golden tie to weddings but if you talk about a proper yellow tie then it should definitely be avoided.

Unless you are a fashion expert avoid wearing a yellow tie with a black suit or any suit for that matter.

What color tie goes with a black suit?

So now that it is clear that you shouldn’t wear a yellow tie with your black suit, the question arises what color tie goes with a black suit?

The obvious one is a black tie but if you are considering wearing a yellow tie you are looking for something fun.

So the best colors for ties to wear with a black suit are blue, green, purple and red. but you should be careful about picking the right shade of color.

The basic rule is to avoid colors that are too bright or vibrant and instead go for darker or duller-looking colors. So if you want to go for a blue tie then g with a navy blue tie and not royal blue, similarly if you are going for a red tie then go with something like maroon and avoid bright shades like cherry red.

the bottom line:

Black and yellow don’t go well together and the same holds true for black suits and yellow ties. There are colors like gold or brown which are similar to yellow that can be worn with a black suit but a yellow tie should not be worn with a black suit at any cost. It is possibly the only color tie that you cant wear with a black suit, so we definitely recommend avoiding this pairing option.

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