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wearing black suit with turtleneck

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Black suits are one of the most formal pieces of clothing for men that is why they are generally worn in formal events only but there are a lot of ways in which you can dress it down for casual or semi-formal events.

Most men think black suits are only meant for funerals and cant to be dressed down but that is not true, it is very easy to dress down a black, you can pair your black suit with a patterned shirt or add a fun tie to the mix and that would make it a perfect outfit for casual or semi-formal events.

If you are into street style or modern fashion then you can also pair the black suit with a hoodie or t-shirt, yes you read that right. This is a new trend that actually looks really good if done right but can be difficult to pull off.

If you want to try something new other than a simple shirt but feel a hoodie is too much for you then there is an option that is just right for you, a turtleneck.

Turtleneck fits somewhere between a shirt and hoodie, it is not formal but it is not street style too and this makes a good option for semi-formal or casual events.

Can you wear a turtleneck with a black suit?

Yes, you can wear a turtleneck with a black suit but it is an outfit that can be difficult to pull off.

Turtlenecks are extremely versatile and can be worn with both casual and formal outfits. You can pair them with jeans to form a simple outfit that can be worn to casual night outs or dates or you can pair it with a suit or dress pants for a great sophisticated outfit that can be worn to work or to any semi-formal event.

The turtleneck and suit combination has been in trend for quite some time now and you might have seen a lot of celebrities rocking this outfit, it is a look if worn right would make you look really stylish but it is also really easy to mess up.

Black suits are generally worn at formal events and if you are going for a really formal event like a funeral then you should stick to the basics like a black suit and white shirt but if you are going for a slightly less formal event then you can consider wearing your black suit with a turtleneck.

You should treat this combination like a semi-formal outfit, so if you think a semi-formal outfit is suitable for an event then you can swap that up with this outfit but if a semi-formal outfit is too casual for an event then you should avoid wearing this combination to that event too.

A lot of men think that black suits cant be worn to the office or to any semi-formal event but I think that is an outdated concept, you can easily dress down a black suit by pairing it with the right shirt and tie or with a turtleneck.

A black suit and turtleneck is a great outfit for winter and you should definitely consider giving it a try

What color turtleneck to wear with a black suit?

Black is probably the most versatile color as it works with almost every color but that is not exactly applicable to a black suit. You have to be really careful with the color and shade of color that you pick for the clothes and accessories that you pair with a black suit as most of them would not go well with it.

The same is true for a turtleneck, not all colors of turtlenecks would work well with a black suit so you’ll have to stick with the ones that work well with a black suit.

The colors of turtlenecks that work best with a black suit are black, grey, and navy. All these are neutral colors that would pair well with a black suit without any problem.

Other than that if you want something that would make you stand out then you can try out colors like maroon or dark green.

can you wear black turtleneck with a black suit?

Yes, you can wear a black turtleneck with a black suit, it looks really stylish but it can be a little difficult to style.

If you want to play it safe then you should go with either a grey or a navy blue turtleneck as they are easier to style with a black suit.

A black turtleneck and black suit outfit would work better for nighttime events and you should avoid this pairing for a daytime event.

This can also be a great option for men who are on the heavier side as the black color makes you look slimmer.

can you wear a turtleneck to a black-tie event?

No, turtlenecks are not meant to be worn in formal events especially black-tie events.

This outfit is only meant for semi-formal or casual outfits and under no circumstances should this be worn to black-tie events.

the bottom line:

A black suit and turtleneck can be paired together and it can make you look really stylish if done right. Just make sure that you don’t use this outfit for formal events and stick to a shirt and tie for such events.

It is a great outfit for semi-formal or casual events and with the tips mentioned above, you will be able to rock this outfit without any problem.

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