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How to wear black suit with red shirt

by Dylan Baker
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A black suit is probably the most classy attire there is for men.

It makes you look sophisticated and sharp and it is something you can wear without thinking too much.

But it is also very basic and if you are someone who likes to stand apart then this is the article for you.

In this article, We will talk about wearing a red shirt with a black suit.

Can you wear a black suit with red shirt?

Well, it is not the safest option out there but if you want to go for something that will make you stand out then this is definitely the one to go with.

Red is as vibrant as a color could get and typically vibrant and bright colors are not supposed to be paired with suits especially black suits.

But if it is not for a black-tie event then a red shirt can be paired with a black suit but you'll have to be careful as it is very easy to mess up this outfit.

How to pick red shirt to wear with black suit

Picking the right shirt is a very important thing to nail this outfit and here are the things that you should look for when picking a red shirt to pair with your black suit.


It's really important to pick the right shade of red to pair with the black suit as the wrong color shirt can ruin the whole outfit.

The key here is to pick a shade of red that is not too bright or vibrant as that doesn't work with the vibe of a black suit.

So what I recommend is to go for shirts with colors like wine, burgundy, or maroon instead of bright red.

The bright red shirts were popular in the early 2000s but they are dated now and don't work that well now. muted and subtle shades and colors are what you should be wearing now especially with suits.

Different pairing options for you to consider:

  • black suit maroon shirt
  • black suit burgundy shirt
  • black suit wine shirt


This is pretty simple just go for fabrics that have a slight sheen to them instead of the ones that look dull.

So fabric like linen is not an option for you.

You can try going for stretchable materials as well as they are usually a little bit shiny which goes well with suits, plus they are more comfortable.


I would highly suggest you avoid any patterns on the shirt and go for a solid red shirt.

Your outfit should only have one standout piece or quality and that is the red color of the shirt in our case.

Adding a pattern on top of the red color is a little too much and would be too difficult to pull off.

collar and cuff

Give first preference to button-down collars but your regular spread collars would work just fine too.

Make sure that the collars stay upright and don't fall down, for this you can use collar stays as well.

For cuffs, I would recommend going with the regular cuff types instead of french cuffs.

what color tie to wear with black suit and red shirt

no tie

A black suit and red tie is definitely not a black-tie outfit and it's best if you wear it without any tie.

This combination works best with the no-tie look and I would recommend avoiding a tie keeping the outfit simple instead of overcomplicating it.


If you want to add a tie to this outfit then you can consider this option.

Black goes well with this pairing as it matches with the suit jacket color and also brings down the colorful appearance.

black suit with red shirt and white tie?

don't go for this combination.

This will add too many colors to your outfit which just complicates the whole look and will ruin the outfit.

what shoes to wear with black suit and red shirt

Black suits go best with black lace-up shoes. Black oxford or derby will work best with this outfit.

You can go for the extra shiny ones as well as they are currently in trend and looks great with the black suit.

The bottom line

So as you can see, a red shirt can definitely be paired with the black suit but it is definitely not the safest and the easiest pairing option.

But if you follow the tips above you can easily nail this look.

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