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can you wear a purple tie with black suit?

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Black suits are great for formal occasions they are easy to style and make you look extremely sharp and stylish.

They can also be dressed down a bit to form semi-formal outfits or outfits for parties or night outs by pairing the black suit with different shirts.

Most people wear a black suit with a white shirt only which is fine it looks great but it is very basic and if want an outfit that will make you stand out then this is not for you.

When you are dressing for a party or an event where you want to stand apart from the crowd then you should consider pairing your black suit with some colorful shirt or tie but you have to be careful with this as not all colors work well with suits.

Black is a color that works with almost any color but not all shades of all colors work in a formal outfit that is why it is important that you pick the right shade of color for the shirt and tie that you pair with your suit.

A black suit on its own is meant for formal events and galas but you can dress it down by pairing it with some fun ties or shirt to form an outfit that you can wear to parties or office.

One such combination is a black suit paired with a purple tie and in this article, we will talk about this pairing option in detail.

can you wear a purple tie with black suit?

Yes, you can wear a purple tie with a black suit in fact it is one of the best color ties you can wear with a black suit if you want to dress it down.

Black and purple work really well together and this case is not an exception.

Purple tie adds fun elements to the simple black suit and makes it more suitable for casual and semi-formal events.

Most men are afraid to try out different colors especially in a formal outfit and if you are one of them then you should definitely consider this pairing option. Black suits and purple ties are surprisingly easy to style and look great.

You can pair any shade of purple with black be it a light shade or a dark one all of them would work well with the black suit.

As for the pattern it is best if you stick to solid ties but if you want ties with a pattern then you should go with a tie with some simple pattern and avoid patterns with too many colors in it.

what color shirt to wear with purple tie and black suit?

Most men are afraid of trying bold colors especially in formal outfits like suits but if you want to grow your fashion sense then you will have to experiment with colors and patterns.

If you want to dress down a black suit, the best way to do it is by pairing it with some fun tie or shirt which in our case is the purple tie.

There should only be one stand-out or statement piece ins your outfit, In our case purple tie is that piece so we will have to pair it with neutral colors to balance the outfit.

So the best shirts to pair with a black suit and purple tie are white or black. If you want something safe then go with the white shirt, it works with all shades of purple and brings some balance to this outfit.

A black shirt is also a good option and works well with a purple tie but it can be a bit tricky to style sometimes and it might not work with all shades of purple.

Apart from these shirts of colors like blue and pink can also work with this outfit but they are much harder to style and you’ll have to be really careful about the shade of color that you pick as not all shades would work well in this outfit.

what color pocket square to wear with purple tie and black suit?

The options for pocket squares for this outfit are plenty as most colors would work fine in this outfit.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should never try to match your tie and pocket square instead go with different colors and patterns for both of them.

So in this outfit avoid going with a purple pocket square. Besides purple, any other color would work fine in this outfit, some colors that you consider are maroon, white, black, and grey.

the bottom line:

A black suit and purple tie work really well together. It is a great outfit for semi-formal or casual events. A purple tie helps dress down the black suit which is otherwise too formal for most events. If you follow the tips mentioned above you will be able to style this outfit without any problem.

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