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Wearing black suit with purple shirt

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Most men's wardrobes are filled with black, white, and blue colors.

They are afraid to try out different colors but the truth is to be more fashionable and to improve your fashion sense you'll have to get out of your comfort zone.

This means if you want to become more stylish you should give more colors and trends a shot.

When we talk about black suits, men mostly pair them with white or black shirts which is fine but if you want to make this outfit more stylish you should try pairing it with some different colors like purple.

In this article, we will talk about wearing a purple shirt with a black suit and will tell you which color tie works best with this combo.

Can you wear purple shirt with black suit?

Yes, you can definitely wear a purple shirt with a black suit.

It is one of the most underappreciated pairing options for a black suit. It is extremely easy to pair, anyone can style it without much effort and it looks absolutely fantastic.

You can wear it anywhere be it a formal setting or a casual event, purple shirt and black suit will not disappoint you.

It works especially well in nighttime events so if you have a party coming up, I highly suggest giving this one a go.

what shade of purple work with black suit

Honestly, you can't really go wrong with any shade, Literally, any shade of purple would work with a black suit.

Purple, lavender, mauve are some of the shades that you should look into but as I said above, any shade of purple would work just fine.

The lighter shades are more suited for formal meetings and daytime events and the darker shades are better suited for parties and nighttime events.

If you want you can consider going for shirts with some sort of pattern design but the solid shirt would work best in this case.

What color tie to wear with black suit and purple shirt?


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you really can't go wrong with a black tie when we are talking about black suits. It helps bring the casualness down of the outfit and makes it more suitable for formal events.

If you are planning to wear this outfit to a meeting or an office event then a black tie should definitely be your number one preference.

If your shirt is solid then you can also go for a tie with some pattern on it that will add some character to your outfit.


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Another brilliant color option. Grey tie goes really well with purple and black combination, it helps elevate the style quotient of the outfit.

But you should avoid going for a light grey tie or silver tie as it will just make you look tacky and instead you should look for darker shades which would work great with this outfit.


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Blue ties can make any outfit look better. They go well with almost everything including the black suit and purple shirt.

The darker shades work better with a black suit so you should go for colors like navy blue and avoid going for shades that are too bright or shiny.

No tie

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Some outfits just work better without a tie and I think this is one of them.

If you have the option of skipping the tie then I would definitely recommend going for the no-tie look.

Black suit and the purple shirt is in themselves a combo that will garner attention and don't need any other accessories to improve the look.

the bottom line:

Black suit can be paired with a purple shirt and actually it is one of the best pairing options for a black suit that most people just ignore.

You should definitely give this pairing a try once and I can guarantee that you will get tons of compliments for it.

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