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How to wear Black suit with pink shirt

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black suit is the epitome of sophistication and manliness. It is one of the most classy and sharp pieces of clothing a man can wear.

It is because of this very reason that most men don't even think of pairing it with colors that are considered feminine like pink.

a lot of men are too afraid to try out vibrant colors like red and pink but they are actually a great way to freshen up your wardrobe and take your fashion game to the next level.

Instead of sticking to the regular black and white shirt, you can consider pairing your black suit with colors like red and pink too.

In this article, we will talk about pairing the pink shirt with the black suit and things you should know to style this combo the right way.

Can you wear a black suit with pink shirt?

Yes, you can definitely pair a pink shirt with a black suit. It is actually one of the best combinations for a black suit.

It is extremely easy to style and can work in almost any situation, be it a formal event or a night out, you can wear it anywhere.

Most people think pink is meant for causal outfits or summer clothing only but pink when paired with black can become a really good formal combination.

Pink is a very versatile color, it works great in casual wear but when paired correctly can work absolutely great with formal outfits too.

what shade of pink goes well with black suit?

Since we are talking about pairing it with black suits, you really can't go wrong with any shade of pink.

But I would advise you to avoid going for the supersaturated and bright shades like hot pink as they don't work in a formal outfit.

The best option would be to stick lighter and subtle colors. And whatever shade you pick, make sure the shirt has muted color which doesn't overpower the whole outfit.

What color tie to wear with black suit and pink shirt


black tie works great with this combination. It matches the suit jacket and makes the outfit more classy.

If you are wearing this outfit to a formal event then this should be your first choice in ties.

If you think your pink shirt is too colorful to pair with a black suit then adding a black tie to your outfit will help neutralize the shirt and will bind the whole outfit together nicely.

You can also consider going for ties with some patterns on them or if you want you can go for a slim black tie too.

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Another great option to pair with a black suit and a pink shirt is a red tie. Here you should be careful while picking the color of the tie.

Don't go for bright red colored ties and instead go for darker and more muted shades of red like maroon.

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Blue/ Purple

You don't have to match your tie with some other piece of your outfit.

You can wear a color like blue with your pink shirt and black suit and it will take your outfit to the next level.

blue color goes really well with both pink and black and does work great in this outfit too.

It is best to stick to darker shades like navy here as well and definitely avoid ties that are too bright or shiny as they won't go well with a suit.

Similarly, you can also consider purple or violet-colored ties which also work pretty well in this outfit.

Both blue and purple ties come in multiple patterns as well which can also be paired with this outfit.

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