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wearing black suit with an orange shirt

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Black suits are one of the most versatile suits if not the most versatile and that is the reason why it is the first suit for a majority of men. It goes with almost any color and it is extremely easy to style.

still, most men never wear it with anything other than a black or white shirt. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s always a great idea to experiment with different colors and outfits in order to improve your fashion sense.

And especially when you have a suit in a color like black which works with basically any color, you should try pairing it with some colors other than black or white.

Black goes well with blue, purple, maroon, and many other colored shirts but in this article, we will be talking about pairing your black suit with an orange shirt.

can you wear an orange shirt with black suit

Well, normally I would suggest you stick to neutral colors or more dull colors as these are the colors that work the best in formal attire, especially a suit.

But here we are talking about some playful colors so in this scenario, an orange shirt can be considered. But what you have to remember is that an orange shirt is probably the most difficult shirt to pair with a black suit.

Can it work with a black suit? Yes, but can you pull off this outfit? I can’t say that for sure.

If you are looking for a safe option or you are dressing for a formal event then obviously stick to black, white, or blue shirts.

Even if you want to try out some other colors for a non-black-tie or casual event, I would suggest trying colors like pink, maroon, purple, etc as they are far easier to style. But if you really want to stand out at some event only then you should consider an orange shirt, as it is extremely easy to mess this outfit up.

So an orange shirt can work with a black suit but it should be one of your last choices and only do it if you know what you are doing else you will just end up looking weird.

How to pick orange shirt to wear with black suit

To pull off this look, it is very important that you pick the shirt with the right color. I would recommend you to avoid going for the bright orange colored shirt as they will make you look stupid.

Vivid Orange doesn’t go well in a formal outfit but there are a few shades of orange that can be paired with a suit.

You should try to look for light and dull-looking shades of orange or you can also go for shades of orange with hues of other colors like pink or yellow.

Essentially you should be looking for shades that are closer to peach or cream. Or on the flip side, you can also look for the absolute darkest shades of orange which are close to brown. The middle shades won’t work with a black suit no matter how hard you try, so you should skip them.

What color tie to wear with black suit and orange shirt

This is obviously not an outfit for weddings or formal events so adding a tie is not necessary for this outfit and It works better without a tie.

But if you really want to add a tie to this outfit then you can consider a dark color like black or brown as these colors will go well with this look.

the bottom line:

In my opinion, an orange shirt is the most difficult shirt to style with a black suit but if you pick the right shirt it can be done.

If you follow the things mentioned above then you will be able to pull off this look without any mistakes.

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