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Everyone loves the black suit, it is simple and sophisticated and makes you look sharp.

Black suits are extremely versatile and can be worn almost anywhere when paired with the right shirt and tie.

The good thing about the black suit is that it works with almost any color, and the combinations of shirts and ties that go well with the black suit are endless.

Having so many different combinations of outfits is a good thing but it also creates a lot of confusion, men are always confused about what color shirt and tie combinations would work with their black suit.

In this article, we will tell you how you can wear a black suit with a grey tie and what color shirts work best in this combination.

can you wear a grey tie with a black suit?

Yes, you can wear a grey tie with your black suit in fact it is one of the best color ties that you can pair with a black suit.

Grey works really well with black and grey tie and black suit are not an exception.

It is a timeless combination that would work on any occasion be it formal or semi-formal.

Be it a formal meeting or party you can wear this combination anywhere.

To pull off this combination you have to pick the right grey tie for this outfit, for that you will have to pay attention to the color and fabric of the tie.

Grey is a neutral color so any shade of grey would work fine with black but it is better if you stick to the darker shades like charcoal grey and avoid lighter shades that are similar to silver.

Darker shades of grey work a lot better with a black suit and they are much easier to style as compared to the lighter shades.

Apart from the color, you should also pay attention to the fabric of the tie. You don’t need to be a fabric expert for that all you have to do is look for fabric that is not too shiny.

Shiny ties are cheaper as compared to ties made of better quality fabric and shiny and cheap-looking fabric can ruin your outfit.

So it’s better to go with a tie with better quality fabric that would take your simple outfit to the next level.

what color shirt to wear with black suit and grey tie?

Black and grey are both neutral colors that work with almost any color but this combination works best with a black or white shirt.

A white shirt and grey tie works really well together and combined with a black suit it makes an outfit that is simple and stylish and can be worn anywhere.

It is an outfit that you can wear to any formal event, it will make you look different while still being simple and sophisticated.

The other option is to wear a black shirt with this combination, this is an outfit that you can wear to parties and it will give you a rugged, mysterious look.

the bottom line:

A black suit works great with a grey tie, all you have to do is pick the right tie and you can easily nail this outfit. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you will be able to pull off this look without any problem.

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