black suit with green shirt

Wearing black suit with green shirt

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Most men don't even think of pairing a black suit with anything other than a black or white shirt. which is fair as these are the two shirts that work best with it and can work on any occasion. 

but if you want to stand out in an event then these are definitely not your best options. and in that case, you should try playing around with some different colors and patterns.

One such pairing option is a black suit and a green shirt. Yeah, you read that right. 

A lot of you would not have thought of pairing these two pieces together but if you want to be more stylish then you'll have to get out of your comfort zone and try out new combinations.

Non-neutral colors are obviously more difficult to style and pair but unless you start incorporating them in your outfits your fashion sense will not evolve which is essential if you want to become more stylish.

So in this article let's talk about how you can wear a green shirt with a black suit

can you wear a green shirt with a black suit?

Yes, you can definitely wear a green shirt with a black suit. It is not the easiest shirt to pair with a black suit but it certainly is possible to do it. and if done right will make you look absolutely stunning.

If you are attending a wedding or a formal event then you should stick to the neutral colors but if it is not a black-tie event then you can definitely consider a green shirt to pair with your black suit.

How to pick green shirt to wear with black suit

To pull off this outfit it is very important to pick the right shirt. If you choose the wrong green shirt to pair with your suit, it will ruin your outfit.

The most important factor while picking a green shirt is the color of the shirt. You can find green shirts in tens of different shades and not all of them would work with a formal outfit especially a suit.

The basic rule is to avoid anything too bright or vibrant in colors as it would not go well in a formal outfit. So I would suggest going for the darker or duller-looking shades of green.

Shades like Castleton green and pine green would be my top choice for this outfit. If you want you can also try lighter shades like mint green but make sure it is not a super bright version of the color.

The lighter shades will be a lot more difficult to style so do keep that in mind while picking the shirt.

Apart from the color, everything else remains the same as for any other dress shirt. So, go for a button-down or spread collars, avoid a shirt with pockets and obviously go for a full-sleeve shirt.

And finally, I would suggest you avoid shirts with any kind of pattern on them and stick to a solid green shirt.

What color tie to wear with black suit and green shirt

A green shirt and black suit is not a black-tie outfit and it's best if it is worn to events where you don't require to wear a tie.

This outfit works the best without a tie and it is best if this outfit is worn in this way only.

But if you want to tie to this look then I would recommend going with a simple black tie. It would match perfectly with the black jacket and will help keep the green shirt overpowering the whole outfit.

The bottom line:

A black suit and green shirt can definitely be paired together. It is a difficult combination to pull off but if you wear them right it can easily make you the best-dressed man in any room.

And with the help of the above tips you can easily nail this look.

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