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How to wear black suit with gray shirt?

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Black suits are great and we all love them but they are pretty basic too.

If you have to wear a black suit often with the same white or black shirt combo then it can get tiring really fast and it's natural to look for some other more exciting combinations.

One such combo is a gray shirt paired with a black suit.

It is different enough to make people notice but also subtle enough to keep things classy and sophisticated.

To illustrate how you can wear a grey shirt with your black suit in a classy and stylish way, we have put together this guide with some fashion tips and styling ideas that will help you achieve the look.

Can you wear black suit with a gray shirt?

Yes, you can definitely wear a gray shirt with a black suit. It is actually a killer combination that is easy to style and will surely make a few heads turn.

If you want to stand out without adding too many colors or patterns to your outfits then this is the way to go for you.

Gray shirt adds a little spark to the simple black suit without taking away the sophisticated and sharp look of the black suit.

What shade of gray go well with black suit

Black is a color that works with pretty much anything.

So you don't really have to worry about the shade of gray you pair with it. Anything from dove grey to charcoal would work absolutely fine with it.

If you are going for a more sophisticated or close to black-tie look then a lighter shade would work better for you.

But if you want to go for a nighttime look then you should go for a dark gray shirt, it will give you a mysterious bad boy vibe.

What color tie to wear with black suit and gray shirt


black tie works the best with this combination. It matches the jacket and kind of neutralizes the gray and binds the whole outfit nicely.

If you are wearing this outfit to a formal event or someplace where you don't want to stand out too much then this is the best option for you.

You can try ties with some patterns on them if you want as they would work great with this outfit too.

Another great option is the black slim tie which goes really well with this combo.


Blue ties especially the darker shade ones like navy works absolutely great with this outfit.

Most men think that their tie color should match some piece of their outfit, be it a shirt, jacket, or pocket square. But that is not true at all.

and most outfits work better with ties that are not matching the color of any piece in the outfit.

The same thing goes for this outfit as well, a blue tie will be a great addition to the black suit and grey shirt combination.

Just make sure that you avoid bright and vibrant colored ties as they don't go well with a black suit. Instead, go for darker shades like navy blue.


Another good option is a gray-colored tie.

It works as a bridge between the gray and black color of the shirt and the jacket. You should pick a different shade of gray as compared to the shirt.

So if you are wearing a dark gray shirt then you should pick a tie with a light gray color and if you are wearing a light gray shirt then go for a dark gray tie like charcoal gray.

Just like the black tie, the gray tie also does a really good job of binding the outfit together. So, if you think your grey shirt isn't going well with your black suit then you should try adding a black or grey tie to your outfit.


Again as said above, you should always try and use different color ties and pocket squares in your outfits.

If you want to add a little flair to your outfit then you should consider adding a red tie to the mix.

But make sure you pick a dark and muted shade like maroon.

If you want to learn more about this then you should read our article about the black suit and red tie

Bottom line:

Gray shirt and black suits go really well together and they are pretty easy to style. You can pair this combo with multiple different colors of ties as well.

With the help of this article, you can easily nail this look.

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