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wearing black suit with a floral tie

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Most men are afraid of trying different colors with suits, they just stick to white shirts and black ties.

If you are attending a formal event then of crouse you should stick to neutral and simple colors like white, black, and gray but if you are not going for a formal event then you shouldn’t be afraid to try out different colors and patterns in a shirt or ties.

Just because suits are considered formal and sophisticated doesn’t mean that you cant use colors or patterns in suit outfits, in fact, the best suit outfits are those which have some colorful element in them be it on a shirt, tie, or accessories like pocket square or socks.

This is especially true in the case of a black suit, it is a very formal outfit on its own but it is possible to dress it down and use it in semi-formal events too by combining it with the right shirt and accessories.

One such combination is pairing a floral print tie with a black suit, it is a combination that works really well but most men are afraid to try it.

In this article, we will tell you how you can pair a floral print tie with your black suit

can you wear a floral tie with black suit?

Yes, you can wear a floral print tie with a black suit, in fact, it is one of the most underrated combinations, it is extremely easy to style, the floral design adds a flair to your outfit without taking away the sophistication of a black suit.

If you are going to an event where you want to stand out without looking like a try-hard then you should definitely consider this combination.

The floral designs can be subtle with only one color on them or they can be flashy with a lot of vibrant colors and you can pick the one which suits your taste.

If you are going for a formal event then you should play it safe and stick to simple one-color designs but if you are going for an event where you want to stand out then you can consider going for a more colorful design as well.

While selecting a floral tie you should keep in mind that if the tie has colors that go well with black then it will be easy to pair with the suit on the other hand if it has colors like yellow which don’t go that well with black then it might look odd with the suit.

So to be on the safer side you should go for colors like maroon, pink, purple, white, etc which works well with black.

what color shirt to wear with floral tie and black suit?

The best option is to stick with a simple white shirt, the floral tie is a signature piece that is an instant eye-catcher and there should only be one such piece in your outfit.

If you have a floral tie in your outfit then you should pair it with a neutral color shirt that neutralizes the whole outfit and white is the best color for that purpose.

White shirt acts as a blank canvas and allows the tie to take the attention this is the balance that makes a great outfit, if you pair floral tie with a vibrant colored shirt it will ruin your outfit.

You can also consider light shadse of colors like blue and pink but the best option is white.

Another option you can consider is a black shirt which is again a netral color but the problem with black shirt is that it is tricky to find colors that work well with this, so if you want a safer option then you should stick to white shirt.

the bottom line:

Floral shirts adds a fun elemtn to a otherwise simple and boring outfit, if you pair the right tie it can take your simple black suit to the next level and make you look a lot more stylish. You should be able to nail this look easily with the help of all the tips mentioned above.

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