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Black suits are meant for formal events but there are ways in which they can be dressed down and worn to semi-formal kinds of events.

The good thing about black suits is that a black suit can be paired with almost any color you can think of, which means you can combine different colored shirts, ties and accessories with it to form completely different outfits which can work well on different occasions.

In this article, we will talk about one such combination, which is a champagne tie paired with a black suit.

It is definitely not a common pairing option, most men only pair black or white ties with their black suits as they are the safe option and they work well in formal events but if you are attending a special event or just want to stand out then these are not the options you should go for.

Instead, you should play around with some different colored ties and shirts to make your outfit stand apart from the crowd.

Can you wear a champagne tie with a black suit?

Yes, you can wear a champagne tie with a black suit, but you should know that it is not a conventional combination and is meant to be worn at weddings.

It is a popular combination among grooms and groomsmen and it works great at a wedding.

If you are attending a wedding but you are not one of the groomsmen then I would suggest you avoid this outfit as it is an outfit that a lot of grooms or groomsmen wear and you don't want to be the guy wearing this outfit at someone else's wedding.

On the other hand, if you are planning your wedding or some friend's wedding then this is definitely an outfit that you should consider for the groom or the groomsmen.

Adding a champagne tie instantly makes the black suit or tux ready for a wedding and it is a simple and sophisticated outfit that will also make you stand out.

Since it is an outfit meant for the wedding you can pick any champagne tie you want, be it the one with a floral design or shiny ones, all of them would work great.

It is always a great idea for the groomsmen to wear something that makes them stand out while still being subtle and this combination is a great option for that, it works great with a boutonniere too.

As said above, this is an outfit only meant for weddings and therefore it should not be worn to any other event, so do keep that in mind.

Here are some champagne ties you can wear your black suit:


What color vest to wear with black suit and champagne tie?

As this is an outfit for weddings you might also want to add a vest to your outfit to complete the look but what color vest would work best with this combination?

I would say there are only two good options of the vest in this outfit, black, and champagne.

This outfit can work well even without a vest, just pair your black suit with a nice white shirt and a champagne tie and you are good to go, but if you if think you need a vest then black and champagne are the two options that you can consider.

A black vest would obviously make you look sharper and more sophisticated but if you really want to stand out then it is best to go with a champagne color vest.

the bottom line:

Black suit and champagne tie work really well together but it is an outfit that is meant for weddings only and it's best if you avoid wearing it to other events.

If you are planning your wedding or a wedding of a friend then it is a great outfit that you should consider for the groom or the groomsmen.

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