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black suits are timeless, you can wear them with anything and you can wear them anywhere.

They are extremely versatile and works with almost any color, but this is also the reason for the confusion among men as they can't decide what color combinations work with a black suit and what doesn't

with so many different ties, shirts, and pocket square combinations it can get a little difficult to pick the right ones that is why most men stick to the simple white shirt and black tie.

In this article, we will tell you about pairing a blue tie with a black shirt and all combinations of shirts or accessories you can use with this outfit.

Can you wear blue tie with a black suit?

Yes, you can wear a blue tie with your black suit, in fact, you can wear pretty much any colored tie with a black suit as long as you pick the right tie.

Blue color works well with black but not all shades of blue will work with your black suit.

It is very important to pick the right tie to pull off this look, if you pick the wrong shade or pattern it can ruin your whole outfit.

Here are the things you should keep in mind while selecting a blue tie to wear with your black suit


It is extremely important to pick the right shade of blue in order to pull off this look.

The simple rule here is that you have to avoid colors that are too vibrant or bright and stick to the darker shades or shades that look little a little dull.

In blue you can go with the light shades but not the bright shades so you'll have to look for pale shades of blue or the other option is to go with the darker shades like navy blue.


Since we are going with dull-looking shades you can consider going with ties with some patterns on them.

A tie with a good pattern on it adds a little flair to your outfit which is a nice addition to a simple outfit like a black suit.

If you want to keep it simple then you should stick to a solid blue tie but if you want to stand out then tie with some pattern on it is the way to go.

The pattern could be anything from simple polka dots to stripes to floral designs but avoid going with patterns that have too many colors.

another thing to keep in mind is that the pattern should not be of colors that go well with blue or black, so you cant go with a blue tie with yellow spots. Ideally, you should look for the tie which has subtle patterns made of blue color itself, or you can also go with some neutral color patterns like black, white, or grey.


The third and final thing to keep in mind while picking a blue tie for your black suit is the fabric of the tie.

You don't have to be an expert for this, all you've got to look for is that the fabric should not be too shiny.

It's okay if there is a little sheen to it but it should not be too shiny, typically these shiny ties are available at cheap rates but these should be avoided as they don't go well with a black suit. 

What color shirt works with a blue tie and black suit?

Blue tie and black suit combination work best with light-colored shirts, so you can pick any color shirt in the lightest shade which is as close to white as possible.

The best and the safest option is a simple white shirt but there are some other good options as well like light blue or light pink.

Other colors, especially in darker shades, would be tricky to pair with a blue tie thus I would suggest avoiding them.

The bottom line:

A blue tie can be paired with a black suit but it is important to pick the right tie and it doesn't work with all shirts, so you'll have to pick a shirt that goes well with the tie to style this outfit, with the help of the tips given above you'll be able to pull off this look without any problem.

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