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As we all know, black goes with everything. But, that is not exactly applicable in the case of a black suit. It is pretty easy to mess up a black suit outfit if paired with the wrong colors.

Most men stick to white and black shirts when wearing a black suit as they are the safest options.

But if what to try out something different and want to stand out of the crowd then blue can actually be a really good option.

It will make you stand out and add a pop to your basic black suit without being too over the top and if done right can easily make you the best-styled man in any room but if not worn correctly can easily ruin the whole outfit.

Can you wear a black suit with a blue shirt?

Yes. You can wear a blue shirt with a black suit and blue is actually one of the best colors for a shirt to wear with a black suit after white and black.

But you have to be careful with the shirt color and design otherwise it will ruin your outfit.

What is also important is to pick the right accessories and shoes to complete the outfit and we will discuss it all below.

How to pick blue shirt to pair with a black suit?

The most important thing about this outfit is picking the right shirt to pair with your black suit and here are a few things you should see white picking the blue shirt to pair with the suit


This is by far the most important factor. Picking the right shade of blue is the important thing to make or break this look.

Light shades of blue work the best with a black suit they pair nicely and make for a great outfit that you can wear anywhere.

On the other hand, darker and more vibrant shades like royal blue should be a no-go.

There is one exception to this though, the dark navy blue shirt can also be paired with a black suit but it can be slightly trickier so if you want a safer option just stick to the light shades.

Bright and saturated colors never work with a suit especially a black one therefore you should stick to more muted colors.


A Blue shirt adds pop to a rather simple black suit. But as I have said multiple times before, there should only be one stand-out piece or factor in your outfit.

So you should stick to a solid shirt and avoid any other patterns.

If you really want then you can go for a minimal pattern but I would strongly recommend avoiding it as it can easily mess up your outfit.


This is another really important thing. The fabric of your shirt can have a great impact on your overall outfit.

The fabric of your shirt should neither be too shiny, synthetic feeling as it looks cheap nor it should be too dull looking.

You should avoid summer fabrics like linen and go for pure cotton or cotton blend.

You can also look for shirts with spandex as they will be comfortable to wear and also has a little shine to them which works well with a suit.


The best option in my opinion would be the button downed collars, these collars stand straight and look great with a suit.

Normal spread collars also work fine but you should just make sure that the collars don't fall flat as it would make you look sloppy. You can also use collar stays to help you with this.

And most of you should already know this but let me repeat once again, Do Not wear a mandarin collar shirt with a suit.

What color tie to wear with a black suit and blue shirt?

Blue shirt brings down the formalness of the black suit. Thus wearing a tie with this outfit is not really important and it's better if you wear this outfit without a tie.

But if you really want to wear a tie then you can consider these options:

Dark blue/ Navy blue

This is a great option if you are wearing a light blue colored shirt. You can also try out some simple patterns if you want.


A Grey tie is another great option that you can wear with a black suit and a blue shirt. It complements the two colors well and completes the whole outfit nicely. This works really great with the navy blue shirt so if you are wearing that you should consider definitely a grey tie.

What color shoes to wear with a black suit and blue shirt?


You've guessed it. A black suit and black shoes go hand in hand.

You can't go wrong pairing simple black lace-up shoes with a black suit irrespective of the shirt color.

I would recommend going for some shiny oxford or derby shoes both of which work great with this outfit.

If your suit is slim fit and the length of trousers is around ankle length then loafers can also be a great option for you. But if it is a formal gathering or the length of your pants is a little longer then avoid loafers and stick to the other options.


This is a little controversial but I would say it is a good option too.

It is considered a mistake by many but Brown shoes can easily be paired with a black suit and it looks great if done right.

blue shirt as we all know works great with brown shoes and black suits also look great when paired with a dark brown pair of lace-up shoes, it breaks the monotone look and makes you look more stylish.

If you want to play it safe then stick to black but if you want to try something new then dark brown shoes can be a great option too.

But make sure to avoid light brown or tan shoes as they just don't work well with black pants or suits.

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