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Best Watches For Students- Top watches to buy on a budget

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Watches are an essential for every man. Every man should have at least one good watch. It is the best accessory a man can own.

When you are a student it is difficult to spend money on a watch but In my opinion, you don’t need to spend too much money in order to get a good quality watch, so here is a list of best watches for students or anyone on a budget.

The best time to start building your personal watch collection is while you are still in high school or college. Start with cheap and affordable watches and learn more about them and then keep adding more expensive and high quality watches as you get older.

How To Pick A Watch As A Student?

The biggest challenge while buying a watch as a student is budget. As a student you dont have hundreds or thousands of dollars sitting around to spend on a watch.

You can find a lot of watches selling for really cheap prices online but most of them are garbage and arent worth your money.

When buying a watch don’t compromise on the quality and thankfully there are some really good watches available in the market at very affordable prices.

Another thing to keep in mind is the aesthetics of the watch. Ultimately we are buying a watch to look better and more stylish and for that the watch should look good.

And lastly the watch should be versatile. As a student you might not have too many watches or you might have only a single watch and in both the cases your watches should be versatile so that you can wear it with different outfits and occasions without any problem.

While choosing the watches for this listwe have kept all these things in mind.

Top Watches For Students

Timex Weekender

The first watch in our list is from Timex which is a well known brand. Weekender is has two varients one with the chronograph and one without.

It is the cheapest watch in our list but probably the most highly recommended one.

It is simple and elegant and can be worn with almost anything. It is great for casual outfits and can be worn every day but it can also be dressed up very easily.

Another great thing about this watch is that it has nato straps which you can easily replace and you customize your watch according to your liking.

If you can spend a little extra money then get the chronograph one but if you are on a tight budget or want a minimalistic design then the one without chronograph is pretty great too.

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Orient Bambino

The second watch on our list is orient bambino. It is a well known japanese brand known for making high quality watches.

Bambino comes in many different generations and versions but all of them are great high-quality automatic watches. You can pick any of the watch form the bambino series and be assured that you are getting a great watch for the price.

It has a very simplistic look which makes it easy to style. The 40.5mm dial might be a little too big for you if you have a small wrist otherwise it is an extremely good timepiece.

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Casio G-shock

Casio needs no introduction and g-shock is their most popular series. G-shock are for the people who want a sports watch or a digital watch.

If you are into sports or working out or you like digital watches more than an analog watch then this is probably the best watch for you.

G-shock has several varients available and all of them are really high quality and well made watches and the prices are pretty reasonable too.

These are sports watches and that makes it a little difficult to style. You can easily pair it most casual outfits but don’t even try pairing them with formal outfits.

I think it is a great addition to your collection but if you are buying your first watch then maybe you should pick something more versatile and easy to style.

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Casio Duro

Casio is known for its digital watches but they also make some really good budget analog watches, Casio Duro is one of them.

It is probably the best budget diver watch. This watch is water resistant upto 200M which means you can do pretty much anything involving water.

It look pretty great too, and easy to style with any outfit.

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Seiko SNK-803/805/807/809

Seiko is a very reputed brand and their quality is top notch. These watches are pretty similar and all of them are really clean looking high quality watches.

It is an automatic mechanical watch which is build really well and looks pretty good.

Its very easy to style becaause of its simple design. You can wear it every day and it can also be dressed up pretty easily.

Overall a really nice looking high quality watch from seiko. Definitely a great pick for students.

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