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9 Best Swiss Smart Watches

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9 Best Swiss Smart Watches

Swiss watches are recognized for their unparalleled quality standards in the world of watchmaking. These handmade pieces are very valuable and have a long life. They are probably one of the most well-known products of the watchmaking industry. But what are Swiss smartwatches?

Launched as recently as 2020, Swiss smartwatches quickly gained popularity. They combine the better parts of two worlds- quality and modern technology. Watch collectors cherish them for their pristine working and amateurs value them for the plethora of benefits they offer. 

Best Swiss Smartwatches

There is a vast variety of Swiss smartwatches that are available in the market today. And each of them outweighs the other in one regard or the other. So how does one go about choosing the best option for themselves?

Fortunately for you, we have done all the research on your behalf. Here is our list of recommendations for your exploration of the world of Swiss smartwatches.  

1. Mondaine Helvetica 1 by Mondaine 

Mondaine Helvetica 1 is perhaps one of the best items to have been produced by this firm. It is a great horological watch. The watch has the classic look of a Swiss watch. It is certainly big in size and memorable in its look- well suited to the ‘bold’ series of the brand. But what sets it apart from a regular watch is its optimum health tracking benefits. The watch links directly to your phone and monitors various aspects of your health.

The best part of this watch is its price that is affordable. It is perfect for those of us that do not fall in the highest bracket of earners but are still passionate about a good watch. 

2. Connected by TAG Heuer 

TAG Heuer is a mammoth brand in this industry. It is thus no wonder that they entered the race of this niche. 

The watches contain the trademark elegance of the brand and then add to it with their extraordinary functionalities. The bezel is ceramic and the glass is scratch-resistant. This particular edition comes with added features such as extra push buttons that allow better functionality than ever before. Some of the offered features include GPS, compass, and heart rate sensors. The app contains detailed metric data about your performances. Suffice to say, you cannot go wrong with this choice. 

3. Summit by Montblanc

Summit lite is Montblanc’s attempt at giving their users a chance at improving their health monitoring. It is meant to facilitate an active lifestyle. It is perfect for everyday use. 

The watch pairs with the company’s proprietary apps to work at giving detailed analytics regarding the activity of an individual and personalized workout routines for them. The body of the wristwatch itself is made using lightweight materials that make it easy to wear. It is also water-resistant, making it an ideal watch for athletes and swimmers. 

4. Gents Vitality by Frederique Constant

It is a connected Swiss smartwatch that has some of the most popular technology advances in the industry. The watch has an analog display. But it actually has two faces, the digital one is revealed by pressing the crown button. Its touch feature allows easy working and access. The company app also allows the personalization of the digital face of the watch. The piece also has integrated sensors that allow abilities such as direct heart rate supervising. 

5. Big Bang e by Hublot

Hublot is a famous brand in the world of timepieces. It launched the Big Bang e Swiss smartwatch. It comes with a titanium or ceramic case with an AMOLED display. The impact is bold, looks-wise. It pairs with a mobile app that monitors your fitness levels very well. The connectivity with any device is great and the purpose of a smartwatch is duly fulfilled.  

The only thing that would stop you from impulsively buying this watch is its hefty cost. It is certainly very expensive but the device is worth the asking price.

6. Exospace B55 by Breitling 

Breitling ventured into the Swiss smartwatch niche with this watch. This piece features a mechanical dial along with 2 digital displays. It is a watch that was designed to keep pilots in mind. The motive was to ease their work in regards to the time difference in take-offs and landings. This is not to say that the watch does not serve extraordinarily well to a normal wearer. This includes displaying notifications and providing all the benefits like any other smartwatch. 

7. Type 2 e-crown by Ressence

The aim behind this invention was simple- making a watch as reliable as the phone. Its unique double-tap feature sets the time on the dial correctly, even after months of inactivity. This watch has the trademark mechanical movement combined with a Bluetooth feature. The e-crown app connects to the device to avail unforeseen levels of convenience. And the best part? The appearance is astonishingly modern and attractive.

8. T-Touch Connect Solar by Tissot

The watch has a classy, sophisticated look. It is a quartz watch that has touchscreen functioning, smartphone connectivity, and a wide range of features. It displays content that is exclusively meant for that particular customer. A distinguishing feature of this watch is its solar battery that has a life of six months. Perhaps the most enthralling addition is the respect for the user’s privacy, no information is shared with any third party. 

9. Alpiner X by Alpina

The watch doesn’t just have a gorgeous build, it is also equipped with the latest technology in the industry. The body is made using glass fiber. It offers insights into the wearer’s activities and tracks their health. It connects directly to Alpina’s smartphone app and records all relevant data. The watches in this series include various features such as hydration reminders and Cardio Fitness Index. It also looks over other things such as sleep schedules. Overall, not a bad choice for a new customer.

The bottom line: 

Swiss smartwatches are without a doubt the next big thing in the industry. And it is not without reason. Their wide range of stunning designs and brilliant functions make them a great investment. We have assembled what we believe to be the best of the best for you to choose from. Given that you can shell out the somewhat huge amounts that they are available for, a Swiss smartwatch would make an amazing next buy. 

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