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Best Sneakers For Men

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Sneakers are an absolute essential in every man’s wardrobe. Every man needs to have a few sneakers in his collection but it is really difficult to select the right sneaker for you. To clear the confusion we are making this list of Best sneakers for men according to us, from which you can easily pick the sneaker that fits your style and budget.

Type of sneakers every man needs

1 white sneaker

Every man needs at least one good pair of white sneakers in his wardrobe. It is the most versatile shoe you can own. A clean white pair of sneakers can be paired with anything, shorts, jeans, chinos, trousers, you can even pair it with a suit.

If it is going to be your first or only pair of sneaker then this is definitely the one you should go for. Its really easy to pair it and it works with almost any outfit.

Here are the white sneakers that we recommend:

  1. Adidas Stansmith
  2. Vans
  3. Converse
  4. Adidas Continental 80
  5. Nike Court royale

2. Everyday Sneaker

Other than a pair of white sneaker every man needs an everyday sneaker which you can wear for college or when going to the supermarket for shopping etc. An important thing to consider for this pair of sneaker is price. The everyday sneaker should be cheap so that you can beat them anywhere and everywhere.

Sneakers that we recommend in this category are vans and converse these are extremely affordable and does not compromise on style too. You can pair them with practically anything without thinking too much and these are actually one of the few sneakers that looks better when they get worn off a bit which makes them perfect for everyday wear.

3. Workout/Athleisure Sneakers

If you do any form of exercise then you need a pair of sneaker that is comfortable enough for it and if you don’t work out then firstly you should start doing some sort of workout be it weight training or running etc but even if you are not into working out then also you need a pair of athleisure sneaker which is extremely trendy right now. These sneakers are sportier and more comfortable than your regular sneakers.

Here are the ones that we recommend:

Nike free rn flyknit

Adidas ultra boost

new balance 997

Trendy Sneakers (optional)

once you have got your basics in place you can move on to some trendy sneakers or the hyped sneakers. It could be anything from Balenciaga to jordans or something else. These are usually very expensive and that’s why I don’t, think most people should go for them especially students but if you have the money and then why not. These can make you stand apart from the crowd but you should be careful and never go overboard with trendy items. If you are wearing a sneaker which makes you stand apart then your outfit should be relatively simple.

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