Best sneakers for men in India

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shoes can make or break your outfit. A good pair of shoe can lift the look of your whole outfit but a bad one can ruin it completely. Sneakers are probably the most popular shoes, especially among youngsters. Here we have compiled a list of best sneakers for men to buy right now.

1. Converse 

Any list of sneakers is incomplete without the good old converse chuck taylors. Their classic and simple design makes them really easy to pair with almost any outfit.

These are a perfect option if your looking for a good looking , well made sneaker under a strict budget. It comes in various colour options black,white,red,blue,green,yellow etc. Their price usually fluctuate between rs1500 and rs 2000 and you can get it for under rs1500 during sales.

It comes in two options high-top and low-top. The low-tops are more verstile and easy to pair and they should be your first preferance.

If it is your only pair of sneakers stick to basic colour like black or white. These are the most versatile colours of them all.

If you already have these colours then you can try other colours or designs too.

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2. Vans Authentic

Next one on our list is also a classic shoe. It has a very simple yet very elegant design and it has inspired many other sneakers.

There are various vans shoes available but the best ones are the classic vans authentic. Its cost ranges from 1500 to 2500 and is a great budget shoe.  For Vans go with either black or white colour.

Vans authentic(black):

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authentic (white)

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3. Vans Oldskool

Vans old skool is the most trending sneaker right now. It has a classic and simple design with a subtle designing which makes it stand out. It is loved people who are into streetwear and people who are into classic style alike.

If you are looking to buy your first pair of sneaker you can start off with this. It is easy to pair with almost anything and makes your outfit pop even more and the best part it is not that expensive either. But due to its extreme popularity, it is a bit difficult to get one so you have to keep checking online stores as its mostly out of stock. I would recommend you to get the black and white colourway or you can also try the maroon and white one as well.


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4.Adidas Stan Smith

This is an expensive sneaker but totally worth its price.  It is probably the most versatile sneaker you can ever have. You can pair it with literally anything, I mean we have seen people pairing it with suits.

Its price fluctuates between rs6000 to rs8000 which definitely is not cheap but it surely justifies its price.

If you need a classic white pair of sneaker and have the budget then this should definitely be on top of your list.

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5. UCB Sneakers

UCB has some really good sneaker options. It is a great brand when it comes to budget shopping. Most other big brands sneakers costs you Rs 3-4k at least but most of the ucb sneakers are priced at about Rs 2k which is very affordable for sneakers. Another good thing about ucb is the quality of shoes are pretty good for the price you are paying so it will last you for a good amount of time. I will link a few pairs below and you check out ucb sneakers on Flipkart and myntra.

myntra link:

6.Nike Sneakers

Nike has quite a few sneaker options available ranging from rs2000 to rs5000. All of these are a great option for a casual sneaker for everyday wear. The quality of Nike sneakers are top notch and the design is pretty timeless as well. I recommend you to get these in black which looks the best among all colours and is easy to pair with almost anything.

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6.Roadster  Sneaker

Roadster is a good brand for shopping under a tight budget. Most of their sneakers are designed really well and the quality is great for the price.  They have options available ranging from Rs 7-800 to about 3-4k, although i would not advice to spend more than 2k on roadster if your budget is high then go for the other options in our list. But if your budget is around Rs1-2k then its definitely a great option.

Jabong Link:

7. Adidas continental 80

Adidas is killing it when it comes to white leather sneakers be it stan smith, superstars, Yeezy Calabasas or the continental 80. These are a great option if you are looking for a classic white pair of sneakers. And, in my opinion, every man needs atleast one good pair of white sneakers. They have a simple design with subtle styling which adds to the personality of shoe. These are available for around Rs8k but I have seen them selling for around Rs4k or even less during sales so I would recommend you to get them during sales. These are available in quite a few colours but I would advice you to stick to the white colouway as its the best one.


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