5 Best online shopping sites for men in India

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In today’s busy world nobody has time to go out shop. Going from store to store, trying different pieces of clothing, and then standing in queues for the payment just gets so hectic. But thanks to technology we can now shop from the comfort of our homes and can get great discounts in addition. E-commerce has changed how we shop but with this ever-growing industry, it becomes difficult for consumers to choose which stores to shop from.

Today we are going to clear all confusions and will tell you which are the best online stores for men in India based on the quality of service, selection of products /brands, affordability/discounts, and website/app interface.

5. Flipkart

flipkart, best shopping site for mens clothing in india

Flipkart is one of the biggest online store running in India. It has a good reputation among its customers but when it comes to men’s fashion its a hit or miss.

You can find great high-end brands for good discounts here but the selection of products is not as good as others. And the biggest drawback is that it is flooded with counterfeits and subpar brands selling cheap, low-quality products.

Service: When it comes to service you can easily trust Flipkart blindly.  It is one of the best in terms of service. Be it fast shipping or easy returns you can easily trust Flipkart.

Pricing and Discounts: Flipkart does a great job in terms of pricing as well. Almost all products on it are listed for a price lower than their actual MRPs. It provides great discounts during sales which takes place every few weeks and during their flagship sale The Big Billion Days they provide extraordinary deals.

Selection Of Products: Now this is where Flipkart falls short and the reason why it is placed at fifth position. It has got many big brands but counterfeits and copies are also available here. The selection of products is good but not as big as others on the list. The local brands which are available here are pretty bad and you should avoid them.

Flipkart is a great option to shop for some branded items or for shopping during sales,  just go through the reviews before buying and avoid the local brands available there.

4. Ajio

This is a new name in this industry but is getting popular really quickly and for the right reasons. Although its a new website but since it is owned by reliance retails it is definitely trustable.

Service : Although its not as good as the top ecommerce sites but still it is quite satisfactory.

Pricing and Discounts: Most products are priced reasonably here. You can find some products priced cheaper here than other sites. It also over good deals during their sales which takes place frequently. But the pricing of some ajio branded products are high considering their quality.

Selection Of Products: Ajio has got some really cool designer clothing available which you can add to your wardrobe to give it a fresh look. Almost all major brands are available there and their own brand products are available too. Their formal shoes and boots are pretty good in terms of design and quality for their price. 

Ajio is a good option if you are looking for something more designer, trendy or if you are looking for some affordable but good quality products.

3. Amazon

Well, amazon needs no introduction. Its the biggest eCommerce site in the world. It is known for its excellent service and wide range of products.

Service: In terms of service no other store can beat amazon. It provides fast deliveries, cancelations, easy returns, and refunds. If you have any issues with your order just contact the customer service and they will resolve your issue within a few hours.

Pricing and Discounts:  Pricing on Amazon is pretty good. Even without any sales going on prices are quite low and during sales, they go down even more. It hosts sales quite frequently and gives some great deals during them.

Selection Of Products : It has got almost all the major brands and has huge range of products available but there are way too many counterfeits listed on it and the local brands available on it are extremely bad and you should definitely stay away from them.  

it is a great option to shop for big brands especially during the sale time. If you are a frequent buyer you can also consider buying their prime membership.

2. Jabong

Jabong has been around for quite some time now and made a name for itself.

Service : jabong is probably not the best in terms of service but still its very satisfactory and trustworthy.

Selection Of Products: It has got a good selection of products, almost all major brands are available here. The best thing about jabong is most of the products listed here are genuine that doesn’t mean you can’t get a fake product from jabong but if you order something off here there is almost a 95% chance of you getting a genuine product. The local brands available on it are pretty decent too and you can definitely give them a try.

Pricing and Discounts : Pricing on Jabong is really good. They hold sales quite frequently and gives great discounts during them.

1. Myntra

This should not come as a surprise, myntra is the biggest online fashion store in India and is your best bet while shopping online. Be it service, good selection, good app interface you name it myntra have it all. Its collection of product is just unmatched and almost all the products are genuine(you won’t find counterfeits listed in here) and the best part is the local brands available on myntra are actually really good be it roadster, wrogn ,hrx, etc. all of them are really good budget-friendly brands and are definitely worth a try. Whether you are looking for some budget-friendly fashion pieces or branded article you can find them all at myntra and with their great service, you can get those delivered hasslefree.

well, these were the best online shopping stores for men in india. There are a few honourable mentions we would like to make

Koovs:  It is a great option if you are looking for some trendy peices under tight budget.

Abof: It has made a comeback this year and is still a really good website to shop from.

wait, there are a few dishonorable mentions too which includes snapdeal and shopclues. The reason for mentioning them is simple, these are popular sites but have pathetic service and almost 80% of their listings are counterfeits so you should avoid shopping from these two sites.