best hairstyles for men with round face

Best Hairstyle For Men With Round Face

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Choosing the right hairstyle for you is not an easy job. Most men struggle to decide what hairstyle to get and even after doing a lot of research sometimes ends up getting haircuts that doesn’t suit their face at all.

Not all haircuts and hairstyles go with all types of face shapes and if you get the wrong one, it can make you appear less attractive.

In this post we will discuss the best hairstyles for men with round face and tell you how to achieve that hairstyle

Tips For Choosing The Right Hairstyle

The one best tip I can give to all the round faced men is to try adding some structure to your face.

What I mean by adding structure is that faces with round shape doesn’t have sharp lines which makes it visually less appealing. To improve that we need to add some lines and structure to your face.

This could be done in various ways, most common and the best one is to style our hair in a way that improves the complements your facial structure. Another option could be shaping up your beard if you have one.

There could be other ways as well for adding structure to your face like wearing sunglasses or spectacles but in this article, we will be focusing mostly on the haircuts and facial hair.

Best Haircuts For Round Face

The best haircut for round face is easily be the UNDERCUT.

It is a type of haircut where the hair on top of your head is longer and the hair on the sides are short.

It has been around for ages and there are vairous types of undercut depending upon the length of hair on top and on the sides.

If you have a round face you should keep your sides short or atleast not let them grow too much.

Here are a few haircuts to choose from:

Straight Undercut:

best haircut for men with round face

For this haircut your sides should be trimmed down and should be trimmed with only one attachment, I would advise to go with a number between 1 to 3 and try to avoid doing number 0

It works well for all hair types be it thin or thick and more suitable for medium to long hair on top. If you are planning to go short on top then this is probably not the best option for you.

Faded Sides:

best hairstyles for men with round face

For this haircut, your sides are cut trimmed and faded. Which means that the sides are not uniformly trimmed but in a gradient fashion. The bottom part of the sides starts with a number 0 or 1 and keeps on increasing up to a number 2 or 3 and then it is blended together for a seamless fade look.

This works for almost everyone. No matter what your hair type is you can blindly go for this haircut. Another cool thing about this haircut is that it works great for people who are balding or have a receding hairline.

It is great for all lengths, you can keep the top hair a little longer or you can get a crew cut, as long as your sides are faded perfectly you will end up looking good.

Best Beard Style To Pick

Once you have picked the haircut, next step is to choose the right beard style to go with it.

As i have said earlier, we want to balance the roundness of face with some strong lines and structure.

Firstly if you don’t have a full beard then it is better to shave it off. The clean-shaven look is timeless and easy to maintain and works well for round faces when paired with a good haircut.

If you can grow a beard, then you have many optons to chose from.

Medium/long Beard:

best hairstyle for men with round face

It works very well with round faces but it requires more maintenance. The beard lines should be trimmed and straighten up once every week. The sidelines and the necklines are very important to clean up and can make you look sloppy if not done regularly.

One thing to keep in mind while growing a long beard is to keep the sides shorter while compared to the moustache and goatee, this creates sort of an illusion of a slimmer and longer face which is great for people with a round face.

If you are pairing it up with the fade haircut then you should consider doing fade on your beard too.

To keep your beard healthy you should wash it with a beard wash and use beard oil regularly.

Short Beard/stubble:

best hairstyle for  men with round face

It is another great option for men with round face. The principles here are more or less the same as that of a long beard. The beard lines need to be cleaned up more frequently, around twice a week(depending on how fast your beard grows). The sidelines should be sharp and clean and the neckline needs to be clean but should not be too close to your jawline but just a little above your throat.

Just as in the case of the long beard, try to keep the sides a little shorter and the moustache and goatee longer. and when pairing up with the fade, you can fade the beard as well.

For short beard you dont really need beard wash but beard oil is still very important for a healthy beard.

Goatee: It suits some people really well but in general most people should avoid this and go with the other alternatives. If you really want the goatee look then you can try it with a stubble.

For Beard maintainance you need a good trimmer, here are some great options to choose from:

Braun electric razor

Braun bt7040

Philips series 5000

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