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Best Birthday Outfits For Men- This is what you should wear on your birthday

by Dylan Baker
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BIrthday is the day that gets everyone excited, no matter how old you get it still remain one the most exciting day of the year.

It is that one day where you gets to feel a little special and you are the centre of attention. Birthday is when you get to spend time with your friends and family which has become a luxury in today's busy world.

Since Birthdays are so important to us, we all want to look our best on that one day but choosing an outfit for your birthday can get really confusing.

so to make things easier for you, we have made a list of some of the best birthday outfits for men to choose from


Simple Jeans with Tshirt

If you want to keep things simple then this is the best one for you. Just pair a plain white or black t-shirt with a pair of jeans and you are good to go. This could be worn for a casual outing or for clubbing.

To complete this outfit you should go with a pair of sneakers, loafers or chelsea boots.

You can also add some accessories such as a causal watch and bracelet to make it even more stylish.


Flannel with Jeans

If you want something better than a t-shirt and jeans but still want to keep it casual then a flannel could be a great option for you. It could be worn with jeans and you can also layer it with a t-shirt.

Sneakers and boots works great with this outfit. A watch and a baseball hat could be a good addition to this outfit .


Tshirt Layered With Jacket

If the tshirt feels a little too bland to you then you can add a jacket on top of it to elevate the look.

Leather jacket, Denim jacket and bomber jacket would be the best options for this look. Sneakers and boots are the best footwear options for this look.

This is probably the best clubbing outfit and also works well for casual outings. It is easily one of the best birthday outfit for men.



If you can't decide between formal then these outfits could be perfect for you. Also if you have to go to work then semiformal would probably be the best option for you.

Button-up shirt with Trouser

The most basic Semi formal outfit can be made by pairing a button up with a trouser. It is comfortable and dressy.

This is apt for work or a dinner with friends and family.

To make this outfit better you should add a watch and belt and try to match the belt with the shoes.

Any formal shoe would work with this outfit but loafers, monkstraps and oxfords woudl be the best options.

Shirt and Pullover

If the shirt and trouser looks too bland to you then you can add a pullover on top of it to make another great outfit.

This again is great for work , outing with friends or a dinner

Monkstrap and oxford would look the best with this look but really any formal shoe would work with this outfit.


If you have work on your birthday or if there is a formal party planned out then formals are the way to go.

Navy Blue Suit

A simple navy blue suit is probably the best formal outfit option for your birthday. Its simple, elegant and very stylish.

Pair it up with a plain white shrit and you've got youself a failproof solid outfit.

For footwear monkstraps and oxfords are best choices and brown colour would work the best with the navy suit.

If you want to make the outfit pop a little more you can add some fun pocketsquare and socks.

These were our picks for thee best birthday outfits for men you can also check out our summer outfit article for more inspiration.

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