beard wax vs beard balm

beard wax vs balm | which one should you buy?

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beard wax and beard balm are two of the most popular beard styling products but most men don’t know the difference between these and more often than not end up choosing the wrong one for them.

We are going to talk about the difference between beard wax and balm and also tell you which one you should chose for yourself.

what is beard wax?

Beard wax is mainly used for styling your beard.

Its primary function is to provide hold and help style your beard better.

beard wax is probably the most popular beard product in the market and if you have a long beard or trying to grow one then you should definitely have a good beard wax which will help you keep your beard tidy.

what is beard balm?

Beard balm similar to beard butter or lotion is a product which provides nourishment to your beard hair.

Balms have recently become really popular and most men dont know how to use them.

These come in a few different variants, some are meant only for nourishment purposes while others can be used for styling while also providing required nourishment to the beard.

The products that are sold under the name of beard butter or lotion are meant to be used at night and helps keep your beard healthy but do not help with styling and therefore should be avoided during the day.

There are also some beard balms available in the market which do help with styling and can be used during the day as well. These usually have ‘styling’ or ‘hold’ written on the container.

Beard balm and beard wax ingredients:

The main difference between a beard balm and a beard wax is their ingredients or composition of the ingredients to be more precise.

here are the primary ingredients present in both beard balm and wax:

  • Oils: multiple oils are present in both of these products some of these like argan oil, coconut oil, etc helps provide nourishment to the beard while some others like peppermint oil are used to provide a nice fragrance to the product.
  • Butter: Shea butter is another important ingredient that helps keep your beard healthy
  • Beeswax: Beeswax provides the styling capability to the product.

As said earlier, main purspose of balm is to provide nourishment and thus it has more quantity of oil and butter and less of beeswax.

On the other hand beard wax contains a higher quantity of beeswax and lower quantity of butter.

which one is better?

Now that you know the difference between the beard wax and balm , the question is which one should you choose?

Well, it depends on your beard and your needs.

If you have short beard or you like the natural flow of your beard and dont want to change it then you should go with beard balm.

If you have dry skin or itchy beard then also beard balm would be a better option for you.

On the contrary, if your beard is wavy or unruly and you want a product that provides more hold then beard wax should be your choice.

The bottom line:

Both beard wax and balm are great products and I would recommed having both as you can use wax during day to style your beard and balm at night to provide nourishment to your beard.

But if you dont want to buy both , then youll have to decide based on your requirements:

For Hold : Beard wax

For Nourishment: Beard balm

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