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Beach Outfits For Men: Best Beachwear For Men

by Dylan Baker
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Summer is here, and its the perfect time to hit the beach.

Beach outfits are really tricky to style, you want to look great but don't want to be a tryhard.

For a good beach outfit, it is important to strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. In this article, we'll give you solid tips along with some great outfit inspirations so that you can look your best on your beach day.

1. SwimSuit

If you've finally achieved the chiselled abs look then the best option for you is to just get a good swimsuit and flaunt your physique.

It is a great look for people with good build and moderate to low body fat.

You can try out different patterns and colours of swimsuits, it could be basic with solid colours and no pattern or you can go with vibrant colours and patterns the choice is all yours, both ways you'll end up looking great.

2. Floral Pattern

Floral patterns are perfect for the beach. Put on a swimsuit/shorts or shirt with the floral pattern and you are good to go.

Floral pattern gives off the beach vibes and will make you stand apart from the crowd.

3. Linen Shirt

Linen is an extremely light weight fabric which makes it perfect for a beach outing.

Apart from being extremely comfortable, linen has a very distinct look which is really understated yet stylish.

If you don't already have any linen shirts in your wardrobe, I would recommend you to get at least one as it is perfect for the summers.

You can pair them up with any shorts of your choice and you have got yourself a killer beach outfit.

4. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a great option for men who want to look a little more mature but don't want to compromise on style.

You can go with solid polos or you can try out some patterns.

Just pair it up with a pair of shorts and your outfit is ready.

5. Round Neck Tshirt

If you want a basic outfit without any hassles then just throw on a simple plain t-shirt along with denim or chino shorts and there, your outfit is ready.

6. Tank Top

Another easy and comfortabe outfit can be made pairing tank top with shorts.


Now that your outfit is ready, the next step is to accessorize to take it to the next level.

Adding a few accessories to your outfit will improve your overall look exponentially. Let's see which accessories are perfect for the beach.

1. Sunglasses

These are a must for beach or in general too. Get a good pair which will protect your eyes from the UV radiations and will make you look like a badass. Just make sure the pair that you get is right suited for your face shape.

2. Watch:

Again a must-have for every man, A good watch will make instantly elevate the whole look of your outfit.

3. Slip-on Sneakers:

This is an optional addon. If you want to improve your outfit even more then put on some slip-on sneaker or espadrilles instead of floaters.

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