black suit orange tie

can you wear an orange tie with black suit?

suit especially black suits are an outfit that makes you look extremely sharp and dapper. It is an outfit that instantly makes you more stylish without much effort. Black suits are great and work really well for formal outfits but they are also very simple and basic. If you are going for a formal event

black suit green tie

can you wear a green tie with black suit?

Every man needs one black suit in his wardrobe, it is extremely classy, sophisticated, and easy to style. It is something that you can wear almost anywhere, you can make so many different outfits with a black suit by pairing it with different shirts and tie combinations. If you are going for a formal event

black suit grey tie

wearing a black suit with grey tie

Everyone loves the black suit, it is simple and sophisticated and makes you look sharp. Black suits are extremely versatile and can be worn almost anywhere when paired with the right shirt and tie. The good thing about the black suit is that it works with almost any color, and the combinations of shirts and

can you wear jeans to a wedding

can you wear jeans to a wedding?

When most people think of attending a wedding, they envision the beautiful dress, and maybe the tuxedo. But what if you want to attend a wedding in a pair of jeans? Dressing for a wedding can be tricky, you don’t want to overdress and take the limelight away from the couple but that shouldn’t mean

black suit floral tie

wearing black suit with a floral tie

Most men are afraid of trying different colors with suits, they just stick to white shirts and black ties. If you are attending a formal event then of crouse you should stick to neutral and simple colors like white, black, and gray but if you are not going for a formal event then you shouldn’t

black suit champagne tie

wearing black suit with champagne tie

Black suits are meant for formal events but there are ways in which they can be dressed down and worn to semi-formal kinds of events. The good thing about black suits is that a black suit can be paired with almost any color you can think of, which means you can combine different colored shirts,

black shirt blue tie

wearing black suit with a blue tie

black suits are timeless, you can wear them with anything and you can wear them anywhere. They are extremely versatile and works with almost any color, but this is also the reason for the confusion among men as they can’t decide what color combinations work with a black suit and what doesn’t with so many

When Is It Too Hot To Wear Jeans?

when is it too hot to wear jeans?

So, when is it too hot to wear jeans? Everyone loves jeans, you can wear them with anything and they make any outfit look amazing. You can wear them in a street-style outfit and can also dress them up to form a semi-formal outfit but there is one problem with jeans and that is comfort

black suit black shirt

How to wear black suit with black shirt

a black suit is probably the sharpest and most sophisticated outfit a man can wear. It is simple yet elegant and it is extremely versatile. No matter what the occasion is you can’t go wrong with a simple black suit. Be it a formal event, a wedding or just a regular day at work, you

Black Suit yellow Shirt

Wearing black suit with yellow shirt

Most men wear a black suit only with a simple white shirt. Nothing wrong with that but it is pretty simple and boring. Black is one of the easiest colors to pair, it can work with basically any color you want. A black suit works great with colors like maroon, pink and purple, so you don’t