Are Timberlands Good for Snow?

Are Timberlands Good for Snow?

by Dylan Baker
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Are Timberlands Good for Snow?

Timberland is a well-known brand in the market of shoes. It has made a name for itself by producing some of the best pieces of footwear that the industry has seen.

As a customer, it is natural to question things before you buy them. If you have been planning a hike through snowy mountains, shoes are one of the things that you need to get right above all else. Wondering if buying Timberlands is a good idea for your next big trek? 

Yes. Yes, it is. And no, we are not just saying that. We have a list of reasons to back up our answer. 

They are Waterproof

The most important feature that boots need to have to withstand snow is being waterproof. And all of the timberland shoes come equipped with that feature.

Timberlands have a very good quality upper leather cover that prevents water from seeping into the shoes. The top-notch quality leather that is used in the manufacturing process of the company’s products has been instrumental in lending the brand its pristine reputation. 

To top it all off, the shoes are further coated and tanned in the factories to give them a watertight quality. This enables people to wear them even in melting snow without having to worry about the water infiltrating their shoes.

The upper part of the shoe is also joined to the rubber sole in a very firm manner to further ensure that no water gets into the shoes. This keeps your feet dry which is integral to survive a hike in such low-temperature locations.

Every possible step has been taken to ensure that no snow, solid or melted, is able to sneak in.

They are Breathable

Even if it might not sound very important, breathability is actually very necessary in a pair of snowshoes. It is essential that the material of the boots is not constricting in any way.

It helps to allow your body to regulate its own temperature by allowing sweating in even the lowest temperatures. The absence of this particular feature can lead to frostbite or even hypothermia in severe cases.

Timberlands are great in their breathability, which makes them ideal for extreme temperatures. 

They are Durable

Timberland shoes do not come cheap. You have to shell out a substantial amount for buying a pair of these popular boots. And there is a reason why.

The company has gained a very credible reputation over the years for making shoes that can withstand a great amount of wear and tear.

If proper care is taken, these shoes can last for a good 4-5 years. This is a statement about the durability of these shoes. And durability is unexplainably necessary for snowy settings.

One does not even want to imagine the nightmarish pain of walking barefoot in the snow. If your shoes are durable, you can be assured about your own safety.

They have a Good Grip

If you have ever faced snowy conditions, you would know that the probability of slipping in such areas is very high.

Even the most trained hikers face trouble in maintaining a steady balance and grip during climbing. It is no joke, people have literally lost lives due to such accidents.

You do not want shoes that have no traction on any surface, you might run the risk of getting severely injured. Therefore, the firm has taken extreme care to guarantee the safety of its customers.

Timberland shoes have an incredible sole that comes with a very firm grip. The shoes have a lug sole i.e. a heavy sole that comes carved with deep indentations and ridges to secure a steady grip on any surface. These shoes have a very good quality sole and are highly slip-resistant. 

They are Insulated

Just ensuring that the shoes are waterproof is not enough in the intense weather conditions that are seen in snowy areas. The feet are an integral part of the regulation of body temperature.

People buy thick-soled, fur-lined shoes just to ensure that their feet do not freeze off while battling with the extremely chilly temperatures at high altitudes. 

The company has paid sufficient attention to this issue as well. Each shoe has been constructed in a way that ensures that the heat does not escape, but is trapped inside.

This is done using top-quality leather in the actual body of the shoe which acts as a natural insulator for the heat. Most of these shoes are also lined with PrimaLoft insulation to provide further retention of heat within the boots through artificial means. Overall, the shoes are great to keep the temperature of the feet well regulated. 

And the extra padding of the shoes also helps in making them comfortable to wear. This is a much-needed feature as hikes tend to be tough enough as it is. At least if your shoes are comfortable, you won’t tire out very quickly.

They come in a Great Variety

Timberland offers a very large variety of shoes. They have varying colors, styles as well as features.

This means that you can choose the perfect pair for the particular situation that you are going to be using them in.

Thus, if you know you are going to be facing a lot of snow, you can simply buy the type that suits your needs the most. 

The bottom line:

As someone who has been caught in the terrible situation of getting the wrong shoes for hiking in snow, take my word on this. You can never be too careful about the boots you are buying.

The boots that you wear to a trek can make a lot of difference. And especially with such intense weather conditions, you need to make the right choice.

There is certainly a reason why Timberland has been one of the most trusted names in the business. The company does not make products of bad quality. And if you put in just a little bit of research behind the exact type you choose to buy, you are certainly going to be satisfied with your purchase.

As far as the company is concerned, you cannot go wrong with Timberland.

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