are shorts pants

are shorts pants?

by Dylan Baker
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Shorts are the quintessential summer staple, and every stylish man needs at least one good pair of shorts in his wardrobe.

They look really cool and are also really easy to style but still, there are various doubts about shorts in people’s minds.

In this article, we will the questions of whether shorts are considered pants or not.

Shorts are the shorter version of pants or short pants so technically they can be considered pants. If someone tells you to “put some pants on” then that might include shorts too so in that sense yes shorts are pants but you won’t go up to the store and ask for pants if you want to buy shorts. 

What are considered pants?

Pants can be used as an umbrella term to describe any kind of lowers like jeans, chinos, trousers, slacks, and even shorts. 

But more often than not when people refer to pants they mean dress pants or at least full-length pants which can include jeans and chinos but doesn’t include shorts.

are shorts considered pants?

shorts got their name from short pants so technically speaking shorts are pants.

But most of the time when someone is referring to pants they mean full-length pants and not shorts.

Sometimes when people are talking about pants they could be talking of pants they might be referring to the umbrella term which can include jeans, chinos, shorts, joggers, etc 

These days people don’t use short pants and they only use the word shorts for them so, people don’t usually use the word pants while referring to shorts.

So to sum it up, technically shorts can be considered pants as they are just the shorter version of pants but they are not the same thing and usually when people use the word pants they are referring to the full-length pants and not shorts. 

Why do people call shorts pants?

Sometimes people refer to anything that can be worn as bottom wear like pants and that could include shorts as well, and anyways shorts are just the shorter version of pants so that could also be the reason why people call shorts pants.

So people who call shorts pants are probably just referring to bottom wear in general.

The Botton Line:

Shorts are the shorter version of pants so technically you can call them pants but usually people don’t refer to them as pants and if you call shorts pants it would be confusing for other people. Unless someone tells you to put on some pants in which case that would also include shorts they are referring to full-length pants when they talk about pants.

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